Each track is mixed and mastered beautifully, truly accentuating each facet of the music-from vocals to guitar, bass to drums, the EP is sonically untouchable, and carves a spot in the KC soundscape for Instant Karma to call home
— Andy Lyons, Central MO News


Instant Karma delivers tunes you should play if you want to impress your girlfriend, look cool in front of your co-workers, or listen to on Kansas City nights
— Cody Boston, KJHK
A quartet of upstarts from Holden, Mo., Instant Karma’s primary sound is a mix of garage-rock and sludgy punk blues (think of a more melodic version of the Black Keys). On a couple of occasions, it veered into dance/funk territory, like the track that included a verse from the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You.”
— Timothy Finn, Back to Rockville- KC Star
Together, the band was pretty impressive. The sound is a something of a clash between psychedelic rock, a la The Black Keys, and a bit of grunge. Dirty rock would be a fitting label.
— Andy Lyons, CentralMO News